About Camp Illiana

Camp Illiana Entrance GateFor more than 64 years, Camp Illiana has fulfilled its mission to win people to Jesus Christ, incorporate them into His church, and equip them for the task of world evangelism. The mission is accomplished through preaching and teaching the Word of God, combined with social and recreational activities in an enjoyable Christian camping atmosphere. Camp Illiana has welcomed over 100,000 kids into our fun and engaging programs. Our God-honoring staff and volunteers strive to maintain a safe and clean environment for today’s youth to experience the power of Christ, while also providing them with the opportunity to have the time of their lives!

Camp Illiana serves over 100 Christian churches in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and other surrounding states. Above all, we strive to love kids into the kingdom, encourage families as God ordained them, facilitate group ministries, and to be servants of the Church and allies of the family.

Illiana hosts retreats for various groups. Because of our unique arrangement of facilities, we are able to host multiple retreats simultaneously without interfering with each other. Retreat participants invariably go home with a deepened faith and an enriched life. Click here for more information about renting out our facilities.