Overnighter Summer Camps

Experience overnight camp for the first time!  This camp offers a modified version of a week of camp, all in two days, with all of the fun and learning that go with it.
Grades: 2-3
Check in/out: Friday 9am/Saturday 3pm
Dean(s): Overnighter 1: Randy Craig, Zach Fulton  Overnighter 2: Vicky Murello, M & N Hunsaker
Cost: Actual Cost – $55, Minimum Cost – $45

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Overnighter 1 – June 23-24

Theme: On the Road
Come join us as we take a road trip with some of your favorite Bible characters, like Moses, Abraham, Jesus and more! We will see what adventures they experience and what truths are there to learn.

Overnighter 1 – July 21-22

Theme: Serving Others
Has anyone ever helped you? God wants all of us to be helpers (or servants). Join in as we have fun learning ways to serve because of how Jesus served us.


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