Overnighter Summer Camps

Experience overnight camp for the first time!  This camp offers a modified version of a week of camp, all in two days, with all of the fun and learning that go with it.
Grades: 2-3
Check in/out: Friday 9am/Saturday 3pm
Dean(s): Overnighter 1: Cassie Allen, Penny Kaluza
Overnighter 2: Matt & Nicole Hunsaker, Vicki Murello, Morgan Thie

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Overnighter 1 – June 7-8, 2019

We are going to walk through the journey of Moses from birth through the ten commandments and golden calf.  Our focus will be on The Journey that God has all of us on.  It is different for everyone, and it will not always be easy as we will learn through the life of Moses, but we all have a calling from God. He is our compass.

Overnighter 2 – July 19-20, 2019

“What is Church?  It’s more than just a building.  It’s us.  Come learn more about what that means and about the very first church congregation!”