Ladies Week


Come for the SCRAPBOOK RETREAT and stay through the LADIES RETREAT – OR – Come for the LADIES RETREAT

Scrapbook and Ladies Retreat

Date: January 30- February 3, 2018
Check-in: 1:00 pm Tuesday.  Retreats end: 4:00 pm Saturday.
Cost: $95/Week or $30/Day

Ladies Retreat

Date: February 2-3, 2018
Check-in: 5:00 pm Friday.  Retreat ends: 4:00 pm Saturday.
Cost:$35/Retreat or $20/Day


Welcoming our Savior into our gathering, as we worship Him with whole hearts, will be an important focus for our weekend. Leading us in that worship is Hannah Mowery and the ladies from First Capital Christian Church in Corydon. Hannah serves alongside her husband, Matt, at First Capital. All of these women lead full lives with homes, families, and careers and they are also incredibly gifted by God in the art of worship. They lend their talents and gifts to us to help us usher in the presence of God and prepare our hearts to hear from the Lord through Linda’s teaching.


Linda Mirante brings her own infectious brand of motivation, encouragement and warm-hearted humor to her passion for sharing God’s love and God’s promises with audiences all over America. She weaves the powerful message of her ministry “Celebrating Changed Hearts” to encourage women to believe God’s promises and be willing to step out to let Him change their lives and experience His blessings. Her presentations feature stories drawn from her own life and ministry, and are laced with life-affirming scripture, drawing her audiences in with disarming warmth and humor. But Linda also speaks truth with loving directness, and challenges the hearts of the women to whom she speaks.

In the past 25 years, Linda’s speaking ministry has taken her to college campuses, churches, and businesses all over the United States and Canada.  She has also served as Women’s Minister at Bachelor Creek Church of Christ and owned a bookstore with her husband, Paul, in Wabash, IN, where they live.

A Peek at the Week

1:00pm    Check-in at Lake View
5:30pm   Dinner (at Dining Hall)
Worship/Devotional Time

10:00am  Brunch (at Dining Hall)
11:00am  Games introduction/Name Tags
2:00pm  “Camp Page” Game
5:30pm  Dinner (at Dining Hall)
Worship/Devotional Time

10:00am  Brunch (at Dining Hall)
11:00am  “Best of Show” Game
1:00pm  Lunch (at Dining Hall)
2:00pm  “Camp Page” Winner announced
5:30pm   Dinner (at Dining Hall)
Worship/Devotional Time

10:00am  Brunch (at Dining Hall)
11:00am  Game
1:00pm  Lunch (at Dining Hall)
2:00pm  “Best of Show” Winner announced
6:00pm  Dinner (at Dining Hall)
8:00pm  Main Session – PRAY
9:30pm  Hospitality Area Open

7:00am  Coffee in Dining Hall
8:00am  Breakfast (Dining Hall)
9:00am Service
10:30am  Main Session – FIGHT
12:30pm  Lunch (Dining Hall)
2:00pm  Main Session – TRUST
4:00pm  Retreat Ends

Be prepared to be spoiled with Good Food, Awesome Worship and Challenging Truth!


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