Camp Registration Sunday

  • “CAMP REGISTRATION SUNDAY” poster (can be copied)
    Make registering for camp a BIG EVENT. It will be ideal if you will hang the posters ASAP. Then, on Registration Sunday, have a registration table with someone collecting camp registrations and also a computer/tablet available to register online at the table.
  • A display suggestion for your “CAMP REGISTRATION SUNDAY”, which will bring attention to your registration table.
  • A Summer Camp Registration Form, which can be copied and used if Online Registration is not an option.
  • A promotional Video designed for your service, youth service and your registration table is available to download from this link. Also a slide and logo for your table is available.

Your campers may go to our website – – to register through our user-friendly registration program. $19 holds their spot! Convenient payment plans are also available.

zrodimelCamp Registration Sunday