The Illiana Bible Institute was created to support the Bible-based learning and leadership development of the local church. Its Bible based, church-oriented studies are creative and immediately practical for use in the student’s life and in their church.


Why did Camp Illiana develop the Illiana Bible Institute?

  • The IBI is aligned with the purpose of Camp Illiana. You’ve trusted us with your kid’s for nearly 70 years. We felt it was time to expand that trust to adults as well.
  • Camp Illiana is geographically located for those who cannot make it to a Bible college campus.
  • To be an aid to churches who wish to improve their teachers, small group/community leaders, elders, and deacons in leadership and practical Bible knowledge.

Why would I attend the Illiana Bible Institute?

  • Personal development. When was the last time you really invested in yourself and your spiritual journey?
  • The challenge of the Biblical material. Spending time in God’s Word is never wasted.
  • To build confidence in your leadership.
  • The Illiana Bible Institute provides Christian education that benefits and strengthens the local church.
  • The Illiana Bible Institute will support your church with a higher quality of teaching and understanding in their small groups/community groups by training leadership.
  • To up your game! When one person “ups their game” it affects everyone around them.
  • Deeper learning inspires you to be more and do more.
  • Networking: It introduces you to other learners from other churches.
  • Practical and immediate rewards. When you compete lessons and assignments, lesson plans, sermons and other projects, they will be available to be used by you and your church.
  • When you have a better understanding of the Bible, the church and principles of church leadership, you have the opportunity to become a better person. When you become a better student of the Bible, the challenge then becomes to be a better Christian.

Who can apply?

The Illiana Bible Institute is open to any adult willing to take on the challenge of deeper Bible learning. Juniors and Seniors in high school as well as all adults.

What is 2-2-2 Format?

Each class will meet at Camp Illiana’s beautiful campus for one Friday and Saturday per month for three consecutive months (a total of 3 Fridays and 3 Saturdays).  In addition to this classroom instruction, assignments and readings may be required to be finished in the time between classes and possibly the weeks following the last class.  This convenient format allows the students to avoid a weekly interruption in their schedules and allows them to study at times beneficial to them.

What are past attendees saying? 

Here’s just a sampling of what others are saying.

“I am enjoying learning in the low-key environment at camp.  John is challenging us but I am enjoying the variety in our homework and it’s applicability to my ministry.”

 – Glenda S.

“To be quite honest, I was really excited about taking this class and now after having been to one class I’m even more excited about going back to the second one. I had this real desire to learn more about Jesus. This course was just perfect for that. The deeper I dig, the deeper I want to go.”

–Tim P.

Give yourself an experience that will last the rest of your life. In a convenient 2-2-2 format, one Friday and one Saturday a month, you can study God’s Word on a college level with courses designed for those who can’t afford the time, the travel or the cost of a traditional Bible college education. Camp Illiana, through the Illiana Bible Institute is offering two courses starting February 1st.

Current Offerings

The Illiana Bible Institute is offering Bible based courses in a relaxed, retreat setting of Camp Illiana. Just think how one of these in-depth Bible studies would make a world of difference in your life!

Class One: How To Handle Your Bible will be taught by Matt Sullivan, BS, MDIV (February 1&2, March 1&2, and April 5&6)

“You can’t take the Bible literally!” That cliché has become so commonplace that many people take it for granted. Yet there are portions of the Bible clearly intended to be taken literally as well as poetry, prophecy, letters and yes, parables that do feature figurative language. With all those different styles of writing, how are you supposed to handle your Bible? This course will tackle the essential questions of how to properly interpret the Scriptures. It will provide you solid guidelines in approaching the various biblical genres, using reliable, time-tested principles drawn from the Bible itself. The course will also give you an essential set of tools and resources for engaging in biblical interpretation. If you have ever desired to understand God’s Word better, deeper, more completely—if you’ve ever wanted to handle your Bible the way God intended? This is your course.

Class Two: Will the Real Jesus Please Show Up? A Study in the Life of Christ will be Taught by John Cutshall, MA, CCLC (February 1&2, March 1&2, and April 5&6)

You call him “Lord” but how much do you really know about Jesus? Too often we’re tempted to mold Jesus into someone who looks like us rather than letting him mold us into his image. With so many traditions and cultural influences clouding our view of Christ, how can you be sure the Jesus you know is really the Jesus of the scriptures?  We’ll explore key biblical accounts of Christ’s life, gain insights into the culture of the times, and get to know the significant players who surrounded Jesus, The result: a clear view of the real, biblical Son of God. And a refreshing boost to our faith in him.  Check out the syllabus here.





Ben Miller